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1 CACP 2017 Annual Review President's Message: Welcome to the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police 2017 Annual Review I'm proud of our accomplishments in 2017. We've continued to focus on the public safety issues that are important to our citizens, our partners, and our members. We have provided input and made presentations and submissions to government on topics ranging from policy and practice requirements to address the implementation of cannabis legislation, strategies for more effectively addressing the nationwide fentanyl crisis, to implementing the Canadian Community Safety Information Management Strategy and preparing for the introduction of Next Generation 9-1-1 systems. Our committees are working with government, non-governmental organizations, industry, and academic partners on projects and research focused on improving mental health supports for emergency service personnel and providing our members with tools, training and support to enhance and maintain ethical integrity. We introduced RF Connect, an online subscription-based portal to enable members from the law enforcement and academic communities to easily access research and information related to policing issues, and to connect with peers, colleagues and potential research collaborators. We are pleased that the collective commitment and partner- ships between the CACP Global Executives Studies, the Community Safety Knowledge Alliance, the CACP Research Foundation, RF Connect, universities, provincial governments, and other knowledge exchange networks across the community safety spectrum led to the introduction of the Journal of Community Safety and Wellbeing (Journal of CSWB). We said goodbye to our long-time Executive Director, Peter Cuthbert, our Executive Support Officer, Trevor McCagherty, and our CACP Research Foundation Executive Director, Susan Clarke. We say a special thank you to each of them for their vision and contributions that have brought us to where we are today. We welcomed our new Executive Director, William (Bill) Moore and our Communications Advisor, Ms. Natalie Wright, and are looking forward to working with them to strengthen our position, deliver on our strategic opportunities, and strengthen our execution. Please take a few minutes to read about some of the accomplishments that we're really excited about. Thank you again for joining us on our journey to improving public safety for all Canadians. Directeur Mario Harel President

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