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A re today's kids truly "digital natives?" This is a common buzz word used to describe our youth, a generation that is more connected than ever before and one that can't comprehend a life where the Internet did not exist. Yes, today's kids are tech-savvy and know intuitively how to use technology. But this doesn't mean they know everything there is to know about managing their online reputation, and many do not think about how their online activities can impact others and/or their personal brand and future success. With issues like sexting and cyberbullying becoming more frequent, along with the fact that teenagers (and young adults) aged 16-22 are least likely to use safe online practices despite being the heaviest users of social media, it's easy to see why our youth are still in need of guidance on digital literacy. As a leading provider of Internet and smartphones, TELUS wants to help. In fact, we view it as our social responsibility to help Canadians successfully navigate our digital world – and as part of this effort, we are excited to team up with the CACP for the second year in a row, on the Smart Social campaign. WHAT IS TELUS WISE ® ? Offered free of charge, TELUS WISE (Wise Internet & Smartphone Education) engages Canadians of all ages in a discussion about Internet and smartphone safety to help keep ourselves, our families and communities safe from online criminal activity such as financial fraud and cyberbullying. The program includes Internet & Smartphone safety workshops for elementary aged children, through to seniors, as well as a wealth of online resources, available at SMART SOCIAL – FREE RESOURCES FOR YOUR SCHOOL RESOURCE OFFICERS Serving as a reminder for our youth to be smart on social media, Smart Social is a national cyber-security campaign that engages teens and young adults on the topics of cyberbullying, sexting and identity theft – and on protecting their online brand in general. Police Services across the country are invited and encouraged to participate in the campaign by requesting free Smart Social campaign materials to distribute in their communities and local high schools. Materials include: 80 CACP 2017 Annual Review CACP PARTNERSHIPS AND ENDORSEMENTS CACP ANDTELUSWISE ® JOIN FORCES TO EMPOWER STUDENTS TO BE SMART ON SOCIAL MEDIA AND EFFECTIVELY MANAGE THEIR ONLINE BRAND By Nimtaz Kanji, Director, Telus Wise

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