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26 W e are the future. A generation meant to lead, and yet, we seem to be kept in the dark about most things. Generation Z, those born in 1995-2012, are one of the youngest generations, so why isn't our voice heard? A social media experiment was conducted for generation z, indicating that 100% of users who took the online survey thought their opinions were not properly represented by the government. This should be a surprising alarm, yet can we really say we're surprised? It is critical for us to be up-to-date on these issues ourselves, and to be aware of what's happening in our society. Most of our concerns stem from our education and rights, considering we are the only ones who truly know what it's like to be a youth in today's modern society. The online harassment, the school shootings, the LGBT issues our queer and two-spirit youth face. Adults cannot understand this as well as we can, which is why it's up to us to speak up. We need to speak up against gun violence. About equality and fair treatment- both at home and in school. Our world is making great strides towards progress, but it's not enough to ensure our safety. How many times have you listened to your government make a speech and thought, "Yeah, they know what I want." According to an online survey I conducted, not many. We, Generation Z, are 26% of the world's population, officially being the largest generation and surpassing millennials 24.6% And yet our voices fail to be heard in today's society. Although, we can make a difference. Everywhere you turn, there are people on their phones and technology. You may be asking how this information is relevant, but let me tell you: We have a voice through social media. We can become online social activists, although we may not have a real voice, if we yell loud enough through our platform, eventually we'll be heard. "The few bad examples of our youth shown on the internet is what the public may perceive as the behavior of our generation in general. We are not taken too seriously, shown when the NRA ig- nores the protests of students against gun violence. It is important for our opinions to be voiced and taken seriously in order to create a secure and pleasant society for all." – Quote from online survey response You've probably all heard of Change.org, a website dedicated to making the world a better, safer place for all. Platforms Our World: Why the Youth of tomorrow need a voice "The youth of today are the decision makers of tomorrow. We should be allowed to speak out on what we need and on what we see has to change in the world" – Quote from online survey response Article written by: Alex Quinn

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