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Checking social media often can cause stress. TRUE: Research from the British Psychological Society found that constantly checking our phones for social network updates can increase stress. Social Media lowers your self esteem. TRUE & FALSE: Social Media CAN lower your self esteem if you encounter negativity or compare yourself to others. However, research has found that using social media regularly can boost self esteem because you feel connected and in control of your image. Social Media can influence anxiety and anxious feelings. TRUE: FOMO - "Fear of missing out" is a big worry for young people. Some people check their social media constantly to make sure they never miss what's happening in their circle. When they are unable to check for updates they may feel anxious about missing out. "Friends" on social media are equal to friends in real life. FALSE: If you only know someone through a computer, you can not know exactly who they are. You can not trust everyone online. If you change your mind and delete a post right after you post it, it's deleted forever. FALSE: As soon as something is posted online, someone can save it and post it somewhere else, even if you delete it from your page. You cannot control who your information is shared with. TRUE: Even if you take precautions, anything you post online can be found. Hackers can find anything you save online. Smartphones automatically geotag your photos and this information is available when you post it on social media. TRUE: Most smartphones geotag photos and this information follows the photo online. Geotags can expose where you live, when/where you're travelling and even what car you drive. Employers don't actually check your social media profile. FALSE: Employers often check social media profiles to get a sense of character. They want to know what kind of an image you show to others. Be careful what you post and what follows you online because you could damage your reputation. You need to read the privacy policies, terms & conditions and privacy settings. TRUE: To ensure your safety and the safety of your information, read the privacy policies and terms & conditions of every platform; and stay up to date with them. Before posting ANYTHING review and set your privacy settings. It's okay to post photos of others without their permission. FALSE: Posting photos of other without permission can land you in trouble online or land you in legal trouble. Depending on how you are using the photo or the content of the photo you could have your account deleted or face charges. http://www.dove.com/ca/en/dove-self-es- teem-project/help-for-parents/talking-about- appearance.html www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/cycp-cpcj/is-si/io-cl-eng.htm https://www.getcybersafe.gc.ca/index-en.aspx www.edmontonpolice.ca/CrimePrevention/P ersonalFamilySafety/OnlineSafety/SocialMe- diaSafety.aspx True or False S o c i a l M e d i a 30

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