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25 HONOURING THE FALLEN 2018 KEYNOTE ADDRESS AT THE 15 TH ANNUAL CANADIAN FIREFIGHTERS MEMORIAL CEREMONY, ON THE INAUGURAL FIREFIGHTERS' NATIONAL MEMORIAL DAY By the Honoary Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada Good morning. Thank you for that introduction, Mike, and for your work as the Second Vice-President of the Canadian Fallen Firefighters Foundation. And thank you to Lieutenant-Colonel Lee Goodman for those words. I also want to recognize Robert Kirkpatrick's contributions to this event and to this memorial in his last year as President of the Canadian Fallen Firefighters Foundation. C'est un grand honneur d'être ici aujourd'hui, entouré de pompiers, de familles et d'invités distingués. Je voudrais aussi saluer les ambulanciers, les policiers et les pompiers américains qui sont venus participer en personne à la célébration annuelle du Jour commémoratif national des pompiers. One of the first lessons we teach our kids is that when you're in trouble, call someone you trust. That's why when Canadians need help, they call the fire department. Our firefighters protect us when we're in danger. We ask these brave women and men, who never let us down, to protect our families and our homes. And they answer that call, serving with courage and distinction. A while back, I visited the Fredericton York Street Fire Station, where I had the opportunity to see a rescue demo. But the most impressive part of that visit was meeting firefighters who talk about saving lives as just another day at work, and witnessing firsthand their selfless dedication to their community. But it's a dangerous job, and today we stop to remember the heroes who have fallen in the line of duty. Ontario lost Jeffery Smith, Stephen Forsey, Rob Broadbent, and Randy Tureski last year. The people of Alberta remember the bravery of John V. Wagontall and James Hargrave. Saskatchewan lost Wyatt Evans, British Columbia lost Clayton Cassidy. Les Québécois reconnaissent et rendent hommage au sacrifice de Patrick Caron - au sacrifice de Richard Riopel. Leurs noms seront ajoutés au Mur du souvenir, à côté de ceux qui ont, comme eux, répondu à l'appel. They were the best of us. Every time they went to work, every time they put on their jackets, they put their lives in danger to keep the people around them safe. They are the help we need, when we need it, without hesitation. Just a few weeks ago in B.C. I met with folks at the Prince George Fire Control Centre. I saw first-hand their courage, and their willingness to keep fighting wildfires until they're out, no matter how long or how hard the job. À l'heure actuelle, des pompiers courageux combattent les feux de forêt et répondent à des situations d'urgence dans des communautés d'un bout à l'autre du pays. De la part de tous les Canadiens, je vous remercie pour votre service. Et aux familles qui ont perdu un père ou une soeur ou un fils, je tiens à vous assurer que leur souvenir restera gravé dans notre mémoire. The bravery of the fallen calls us to match their commitment to make Canada a better place. Their sacrifice calls us to remember that there is no greater humanity than to help those in need. And when we hear that call, we honour them. Thank you.

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