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F or the second consecutive year, the Committee received only one application for a new scholarship, and the Committee saw fit to award the scholarship to Mr. Patrick De Amicis, step-son of LODD Gino De Amicis (Toronto). Patrick will be attending Belmont Abbey College in North Carolina and will be majoring in Sports and Fitness Administration/Management. (This was an especially poignant one for me, as Firefighter De Amicis and I started at Toronto Fire together.) Having received only one application, the committee would like to remind everyone of the need to inform others of the Education Fund in order that we may assist many more with furthering their education or completing retraining. We would also remind everyone that the purpose of the CFFFEP (Canadian Fallen Firefighters Foundation Education Program) is to promote post-secondary education for the children or the spouse/common law partner of a firefighter whose line of duty death (LODD) is recognized by the Foundation. Financial support will be provided for educational purposes through the awarding of scholarships and bursaries. SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS - A four- year scholarship may be awarded to first year undergraduate students at a post-secondary institution. - A modified scholarship may be awarded to a student who is enrolled in a program at a post-secondary institution and who has one or more years left to complete at the time of the LODD. - A scholarship will include tuition and books to a maximum amount of $6000 annually or as otherwise determined by the Canadian Fallen Firefighters Foundation (the Foundation). - In addition to tuition and books, a claim may be made for a student computer if required by the program. The claim may not exceed $500 and will be considered only if there is room remain- ing within the maximum payment of $6000 and will only be accepted once during the full period of the scholarship award. SCHOLARSHIP ELIGIBILITY - A scholarship is available to the children or the spouse/common law partner of firefighters whose line of duty death is recognized by the Foundation. - There is a financial need for the scholarship. - The applicant must be accepted for enrolment in post-secondary institution of their choice. - The applicant must have an academic average of 60% in the last year of secondary school or province of Quebec equivalent. - Scholarship recipients must maintain a 'B' average or acceptable equivalent in order to be eligible to receive the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year scholarship awards. - The applicant must be active in a community and/or volunteer program(s), and/or active in extra-curricular activities either with, or outside of, his/her current educational facility. Note (1): The definition of "spouse" and 'common law part- ner" used for this Policy will be adopted from the definition published by Revenue Canada that is current at the time of scholarship application. Note (2): The spouse/common law partner must have been living with the LODD firefighter at the time of death. BURSARY AWARDS - A bursary is a one-time monetary award and is available for any single year of undergraduate studies at a post-secondary institution. - There will be only one bursary awarded to each applicant. - Payment will be made directly to the applicant. - There will be a maximum of six (6) bursaries awarded annually. - A bursary will be a maximum amount of $3000 or as otherwise determined by the Foundation. BURSARY ELIGIBILITY - Same as scholarship criteria. - Bursary recipients are not eligible for a scholarship. We continue to monitor the academic progress of our previous scholarship recipients and are very proud of their progress and any small part we may have played in their success. It is only through the continued support of our partners/sponsors and friends who run so many fund-raising activities for us, that we can continue to provide this support for those left behind. 53 NEWS FROM THE CANADIAN FALLEN FIREFIGHTERS FOUNDATION EDUCATION PROGRAM By David Sheen, CFFF President

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