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2 B y now, you are either a fan of Courage magazine or, you have never had the opportunity to see it and that's a shame because we mail it free of charge to every department in the country. I hope that you find this edition, volume fourteen, informative and educational but, more importantly, we want you to pass it on to a co-worker and get the word out about the Foundation. Now on a completely different note… I took over editing the magazine last year from a guy named Kirkpatrick. Some schmuck we found to be the President for a while! While those that know Bob would say he has small shoes, I'd have to disagree. I really don't know how he managed to get this magazine together each year AND be the president of such a large and influential charity: he really has big shoes. Bob was already on the board of directors when I joined the Foundation as the Military Director in 2004. He was with Mississauga (still is) and just another guy around the table to me as I was sitting on about eight different boards at the time. I slowly learned of his passion for the fire service and ensuring that everyone was honorably remembered: did you know he has written three books? "Their Last Alarm" chronicles the line of duty deaths of Ontario firefighters, something that was never written about before, until he stumbled upon the subject one day and figured it was about time to correct this oversight. In the introduction of his first book, Kirkpatrick writes, "In 1996 it came to my attention that there was no official historical list of firefighters who died while in the performance of their duties in Ontario. As a firefighter with an interest in the history of firefighting I was compelled by the lack of recognition… This book is an attempt to remember not only their names, but also record their stories, some of which have been lost with the passage of time." Did you happen to know that there are over 1400 names on the Canadian Firefighter Memorial? Bob was a big part of getting Ontario historic line of duty deaths recorded on the wall when we first started this as he had, after all, already completed the research and written of 352 historic entries. That's Bob. This is a guy who just doesn't know when to say "no". Did I mention that he was on the board since 2004? Did I mention that during some turbulent times for the Foundation, he stepped up to be the President? Did I mention that he was President for 10 years!? While President, he became the advocate for firefighters that passed in the line of duty. Yes, the Foundation was established to Honour, Remember and Support, but Bob led us on a merry chase for some other tidbits. Heroes' Benefit? Yes, the Foundation and Bob had a lot to do with it. Firefighters' National Memorial Day? Again, Bob and the merry band of directors had a finger in this one too. Bob was a part of the CFFF Education Program commencement, Camp F.A.C.E.S. and one other little thing… the Canadian Fallen Firefighters Memorial. While it is true that the board supported all these efforts, I know for a fact that that guy named Bob put in countless hours to get everything done. Some folks hated him, others tolerated him, and some loved him: it doesn't matter, he managed to get a lot done. Thanks Bob. More importantly, thanks Kris for letting him come out to play for the last fourteen years! "Captain Robert Kirkpatrick is a 34-year veteran with the Mississauga Fire & Emergency Services. Robert is the author of the books, "Their Last Alarm; honouring Ontario's firefighters" (editions 1 & 2) and "Reflections of a Proud Heritage; History of the Oakville Fire Department". In 2016 Robert received the Meritorious Service Medal from the Governor General. Robert is also a recipient of the Ontario Medal for Firefighters Bravery (1989); the 125th Anniversary of the Confederation of Canada Medal; the Queen's Golden Jubilee Medal; the Canada Fire Service Exemplary Service Medal; the Ontario Fire Services Long Service Medal; and the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal. He is a recipient of the Ontario Provincial Police Award for Bravery; the Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs Bravery Award; the Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs Bill Williams Humanitarian Award; the Toronto Fire Services Credit Union John Rider Award; and a two-time recipient of the Mississauga Fire Department's Firefighter of the Year award for fire related incidents." From the Editor By CFFF Treasurer and Director Bruce Paradis,CWO (Ret'd), MMM, CD Bob and the clan that supported him President Kirkpatrick on one of his site – get your hands dirty – visits at the Canadian Firefighter Memorial ©

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