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May 2013

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MESSAGES FROM THE ANAVETS' DOMINION Vice-Presidents FINANCE CHAIRMAN'S REPORT MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE REPORT Comrades All, Comrades, In my new capacity as Finance Chairman I would first like to thank all of the members of my previous committee for the hard work and dedication that they have put into Publicity and Public Relations, especially as it pertains to this publication. I wish you all continued success under Robert Horkoff. It is an honour for me to be elected as your Dominion Command Vice President and chairman of the Membership Committee. I congratulate the previous chairman, Comrade Jerome Burke, for all his hard work and dedication for the past two years, with such changes as half-year membership, complimentary membership and voting rights for associate members. Jerome and his committee have worked very hard to get us where we are today. Now it's my job to keep it going and to keep pushing on. I attended my first meeting with our Association accountants to review the financial statements of 2012 in early March along with President Beaulieu and our office staff. I am happy to report that due to the increase in membership, disposal of some investments and income from Shoulder to Shoulder magazine, we ended the year in a better financial position than forecasted. Although the convention fund is still paying back money it had borrowed from the operating fund to pay for the 2012 convention, we are hoping that with the $2.00 increase and steady or growing membership this issue will correct itself within the next two-year cycle and the convention fund will be able to become self-sufficient again. We have adjusted the 2013 budget to reflect better than expected membership numbers as well as savings realized with the changes to the dominion office staff which should increase our bottom line for this calendar year. As my duties require, I will continue to review the operations of the Association by reviewing monthly reconciliation reports and performing spot checks on the financial transactions. I encourage all of our unit executives to ensure that they are well aware of the financial picture of their units on an ongoing basis. This will help to avoid any unforeseen issues before they have created a greater problem and will assist you in making the best decisions for your membership. I am happy to report that for the first time since we have been keeping electronic records (22 Years), the membership of the Association increased nationally by 136 members. The figures are heading in the right direction! Much of that increase can be attributed to eight of the nine units in Manitoba & NW Ontario Command increasing their membership in 2012. Congratulations also to the BC Command and Quebec Command who saw overall increases in their Command figures as well. I would like to recognize Steveston Unit 284 in Richmond, BC, who increased their membership by more than 440 members since moving back to the site of their original building after a land redevelopment project. That was an 83% increase in their membership and we hear that they are planning to grow again in 2013. Obviously however, there are still units that are struggling with membership and we need to help them improve too. I'm looking forward to hearing from you - yes all members, we are in this together. If you have an idea, write it down and convey it to your Membership Committee representative. Sometimes a simple idea can become a great idea. Keep the lines of communication open. For those who read this great magazine and are not a member, become a member; believe me you will never regret it. You owe this to our veterans and their families - they are the reason we are here. Health and Happiness to all Shoulder to Shoulder, Shoulder to Shoulder, Brian Phoenix Dominion Vice President Chairman, Dominion Finance Committee Peter Goodin Dominion Vice-President Membership Committee 6 SHOULDER TO SHOULDER

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