ANAVETS Shoulder to Shoulder

March 2014

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W hen Tracy and Alan Litman wanted to pay tribute to their son Nicholas, they chose Picture This On Granite as their partner. The foundation and hundreds of donations later, their dream became reality. Here is some history on this great young man, his team of Navy SEALS, and how this memorial came to be: Nicholas was among 15 members of the Naval Special Warfare Development Group (DEVGRU), also known as SEAL Team Six. This unit is also known for having carried out the Operation Neptune Spear, which resulted in the killing of Osama Bin Laden. The other two Navy SEALS killed in the helicopter shootdown, were from a West Coast-based SEAL unit. The five other Navy personnel were NSW support personnel. In addition to the NSW losses, three AFSOC operators died in the crash, one Combat Controller and two Pararescue men, all members of the 24th Special Tactics Squadron. Their deaths are the greatest single loss of life ever suffered by the U.S. Special Operations community in the 24-year history of the U.S. Special Operations Command. It was very important to Tracy and Alan that this monument be a re- minder and gathering place for all of those serving and those whom have served, so that we may never forget the true gift of service any one person can make to their country, their own life. The team at Picture This On Granite worked with Tracy and Alan to determine the scope of the project, including the design, size of materials to be used along with artwork, and after a few 3D renderings from their in house graphic artist, the final proof was approved. Picture This on Granite uses Co2 lasers controlled by a CNC machine, to laser etch high-definition images on granite, using a proprietary process known as PGHD®. They specifically measure and control variables, such as stone temperature and 16 other measurable variables to insure only the highest quality results. Unique parameters are defined specific to each project that enables them to control the entire laser etching process to obtain unsurpassed results. They then carefully package and crate all of their products to ensure their safe arrival to their intended destinations. Their 6000 square foot fully equipped facility, is located a half mile from the U.S. Vermont border. This permits them to ship daily to their U.S. and Canadian clients. Nicholas H. Null Memorial The Nicholas H. Null Memorial was founded by Tracy and Alan Litman, mother and step-father to Nicholas. This beautiful memorial can be visited and found in Parkersburg, West Virginia. Credit for information. feeds/22-Navy-SEALs-Dead-in-Afghan-Chopper-Crash-127071443.htm Testimonial: "What an amazing Company! I am so happy we have you to help us Honor Our Son !! You do beautiful work and your customer service is outstanding! You have truly been a Blessing to me and our Family!" With Much Gratitude, Tracy Kendall Litman 14 SHoUldEr To SHoUldEr Honoring a Son

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