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March 2014

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AWARDS AND RITUALS COMMITTEE REPORT Comrades, It is an honour for me to serve the Board as the Awards Committee Chairman. It is also such an honour having Past Dominion Presidents Neil McKinnon and Gordon Marsh as part of this Committee. We have the honour of reviewing the information passed on to us. This information gets started at a Unit Meeting with a nomination of member for either a Life Membership, the Order for Service or the Award of Merit. Once the motion is accepted, a member of the Unit Executive Council complete the forms that cover the history of what that member has done at his particular Unit and outside of the Unit, like volunteering in his or her neighborhood and the date he joined the Unit. These forms are passed on to the Provincial Command Office to be scrutinized for the proper content, if the content of the forms are okay, then the forms are sent to our Dominion office for one last check. The forms are then passed to the Committee members for review, approval/disapproval and then sent back to Dominion Command office for action as required as per the approvals/ disapprovals. After this it's back to Provincial Command for action or to the Unit for the final action of presentation. So, Comrades if you are nominating a member for one of the three top awards get on it as soon as you can because of the time it might take to back to you. The Award of Merit is the highest honour in our Association. This award is presented to an active or affiliate member for outstanding, distinguished and extraordinary service to the Association. This Award of Merit is usually presented at the Biennial Dominion Convention. The Order for Service is presented to an active or affiliate member for distinguished and extraordinary service to the association within the Unit, Command or Dominion Command or the community. The Order for Service is usually presented at a Command Convention. The Life Membership is presented to an active or affiliate member for distinguished or extraordinary service to the Unit, Command or Dominion Command. The Life Member- ship is usually presented at a Command Convention or at a Unit function. The sequence of bestowing these honours of the Association shall be Life Membership, the Order for Service and finally, the Association's highest honour, the Award of Merit. A Certificate of Appreciation may be awarded by Commands, Units or the Ladies Auxiliary to any member or to persons within or outside the Association who have contributed time and energy assisting with Command, Unit or Auxiliary programs. Certificates of Appreciation can be acquired by themselves or with an Appreciation Medal. Additional Appreciation Awards will be denoted by a Maple Leaf clasp. Have a look around your units and see who seems to be always working around the clubrooms and talk to an Executive Member about having this hard working person nominated for a Certificate of Appreciation. Please have a good and safe summer and we will see all of you delegates at the Convention in Penticton, B.C. Shoulder to Shoulder, Ronald G. Smith, Chairman Awards & Rituals Committee SHoUldEr To SHoUldEr 15 Tax exemption  battle won   F inally after many years of frustrat- ing negotiations Grant's Taylor's long uphill battle on our behalf with Abbotsford City Hall to obtain Permissive Tax Exemption status for the Club has finally borne fruit. Effective this year the Club will be granted an exemption from Property Tax in the amount of $3,400.00 for the year 2014. This result is because of Grant's tireless work on our behalf over the past several years with previous successive unrespon- sive City Councils. Good job Grant - a battle well fought. Len Payne, Sgt at Arms & Veterans Liaison Officer, Matsqui Unit 315 Grant Taylor with over 30 years service to Unit 315 CORRECTION Regarding the story "The Dickin Medal" in Shoulder to Shoulder September 2013, and to clarify information given therein: the 1,975 Canadians sent to defend Hong Kong from the Japanese in December 1941, known as "C" Force, consisted of two rifle battalions and a brigade headquarters composed of the brigade command group and the usual support elements of various corps. Terence Cottrell

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