ANAVETS Shoulder to Shoulder

March 2014

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SHoUldEr To SHoUldEr 27 who spoke about his experience with losing a limb in Afghanistan, how he was able to rehabilitate and eventually return to combat. His story was truly inspirational to all who attended the Forum. Furthermore, participants had the opportunity to network with many researchers from across Canada and around the world. CIMVHR would like to recognize all of the MVHR Forum 2013 sponsors, without their support the Forum would not have been the success that it was. A special thank you goes out to; Queen's University, Royal Military College of Canada, the University of Alberta, Veterans Affairs Canada, Canadian Forces Health Services Group, The War Amps, Calian Health, True Patriot Love, GE Healthcare, Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists, Bellwood Health Services, Sunshine Coast Health Center, NeuroSolutions, University of Manitoba, Lundbeck, Reckitt Benckiser Pharmaceuticals Inc., The Royal Canadian Legion, Concordia University Perform Centre, Laval University, University of Regina, BHC Medical, OrthoCanada, Urban Poling, Motek Medical, University of Ottawa, Canadian Physiotherapy Association, and Canadian Medical Association. Thanks to your generous donations and support, CIMVHR was able to host another successful MVHR Forum. Dr. Mark Zamorski Winner of the 2013 Major Sir Frederick Banting MC, RCAMC Award for Military Health Research The Major Sir Frederick Banting MC, RCAMC Award for Military Health Research is an award presented annually at the MVHR Forum. Sponsored by the True Patriot Love Foundation and adjudicated by the Surgeon General of the Canadian forces, the award honours Major Sir Frederick Banting, a world renowned physician, researcher, Nobel Prize winner and the discoverer of insulin. Honouring Sir Banting's decorated career as a Medical Officer in the Canadian Army, the goal of this award is to recog- nize and encourage high quality research that addresses military health issues. The award is presented to the Canadian (civilian or military) whose research presentation is deemed to be of the greatest overall value to military health. An expert committee chaired by the Surgeon General takes factors such as scientific quality, military relevance and impact on the health of Canadian Forces members into account. The winner of the 2013 Major Sir Frederick Banting Award is Dr. Mark Zamorski, of the DND Directorate of Mental Health, for his research titled Sitting on a Gold Mine: The 2013 Canadian Armed Forces Cross-sectional Mental Health Survey Dataset. CIMVHR Board of Directors CIMVHR would like to welcome three new members to our Board of Directors, Dr. Vianne Timmons – President and Vice- Chancellor at the University of Regina, Dr. Elizabeth Taylor – Associate Dean and Professor at the University of Alberta, and Dr. Joseph Buckley – Vice Principal Research at the Royal Military College of Canada. We would also like to thank Dr. Jean Fugère for his commitment and dedication to CIMVHR. Dr. Fugère has recently stepped down as the RMCC representative on the Board of Directors. (Article provided by CIMVHR) lETTEr to the EdITor We would like to call your attention to a policy change by BC Housing, the agency responsible for subsidized housing in British Columbia effective November 20, 2013. In November, 2010, we learned that, BC Housing, included Veterans Affairs (VA) disability payments with other monthly incomes such as Old Age and Canada Pension in their rental subsidy calculation. Since the VA disability benefits were declared non-tax- able by both the Federal and Provincial governments, we wrote to various agencies such as: BC Housing (BCH), our MLA responsible for subsidized housing, the veteran's ombudsman, the BC ombudsman and lastly in January 2012 to the CEO of the BCH. Our correspondence pointed out the unfairness of BCH's policy of including the VA disability benefits in their subsidy calculation, given that they accept the Japanese Canadian Redress and the Indian Residential School Settlement payments as compensatory packages and do not include them in their subsidized rental calculations. An eight month review of this policy was undertaken by the Applicant Services Director and on November 20th her review and recommendations were presented to the BCH Board of Directors. Subsequently, BC Housing Directors approved a policy change so that disabled veterans will no longer have to include their VA disability benefits as income. By removing Veterans Affairs Disability payments from their rental subsidy calculations, these disabled veterans will have an extra $100 - $200 a month to spend on the necessities of life. We applaud their decision which will be retroactive to January 1, 2013. Now that BC has set a precedent, perhaps the rest of the provinces will follow their lead. We must thank Peter Stoffer, MP Sackville NS, who took the time to call and encourage us in our endeavours and suggesting that we should share our story with all Canadian newspapers. Ken Chamberlin & Marlise Reuter

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