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4 CACP Spring 2016 " T hings have improved tremendously since the 1970's", said Mike, talking about being a Reservist in Toronto's Police Service. Today, officers across Canada largely agree that military service is well regarded by any force. Such recognition may have come from nearly three hundred of Canadian officers across 23 municipal, provincial and federal police forces serving alongside Reservists in Afghanistan over 10 years, or, perhaps through the hundreds of Reservists that serve in Canadian police forces today; regardless, military service is seen as a valuable asset for the job. Reservists get their value through hard work – from training, attending technical and professional courses and serving Canada and Canadian communities in operations at home and abroad. They serve their country and they come back home to serve their communities. Skill sets from the military and police services cross pollinate to build better officers, and better people. "With their busy civilian career, family and military duties, sometimes things can get a bit hectic", says Colonel Derek Cheff, Executive Director of the Canadian Forces Liaison Council. "Being a Reservist is all about balancing commitments", he says. Police services have been moving to assist in balancing those commitments. However, support for Reserve training still varies from force to force. "A few weeks leave without pay every one or two years, not working late on a training night is about it", says Colonel Cheff. "Just like police services, the military has courses that lead to promotion and more advanced leadership and management opportunities. Being able to attend these courses is critical to a Reservist's progression", he says. POLICE FORCES are Stepping Up for Reservists by Gray Shanahan Simulated opposing force soldiers attack a defensive position occupied by the Canadian Army Reserve from 4th Canadian Division during Exercise STALWART GUARDIAN on August 26, 2015 at Garrison Petawawa, ON

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