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September 2016

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NEWS FROM OUR UNITS • BRITISH COLUMBIA • ALBERTA • SASKATCHEWAN • MANITOBA • ONTARIO • QUEBEC • NEW BRUNSWICK • NOVA SCOTIA BRITISH COLUMBIA COMMAND Hank Wong (L-R) Tommy Wong, Charles Lee, Catherine Clement (Curator) and Ronald Lee (L-R) Tommy Wong, Hank Wong, Charles Lee and Catherine Clement. Ronald Lee and Hon. Harjit Sajjan, Minister of National Defence SOUTH VANCOUVER UNIT 26 On behalf of the current executives we wish to share some key events that allow us to extend our volunteer work into the community that we live amongst and also to honour past executives that worked endlessly to keep our club and its operations going so as to support our BC Command and Dominion Command initiatives. All proceeds from the meat draw are donated to qualified charities. We are into a second year of full operations in a new location after having sold our previous building. The proceeds allowed us to purchase an eleven thousand square foot facility from a Legion for cash and to have a very healthy cash balance in the bank. This allows us to stay alive for many years to come. On July the 1st we had a community event to celebrate Canada Day. We invited the neighbourhood and focused on youth. Also attending were participants from Special Olympics, cadets and the ever-popular pipe band. The kids enjoyed hot dogs, cup cakes, face painting and building bird homes. We were very pleased and honoured to have the Hon. Harjit Sajjan, Canada's Minister for Defense join us in the celebration. Together with his family he spent time chat- ting and encouraging the young and old. They donated a large cake that was shared by all. Other prominent MLA's were on hand like the BC Attorney General, Hon, Suzanne Anton, Q.C. With the permit from the City of Vancouver Chester Street was closed and decorated until 3 pm. The club hall was decked with red & white balloons and pictures of fallen soldiers were displayed and so were the flags. The band entertained a full house with music from the old days. All in all it was a very touching and emotional day given recent tragic events around the world. We embraced our lovely country Canada. The next major event is the celebration of our 97th Birthday on July 23rd. Plans are underway to celebrate this day with members and invited guest. Also plan to have executives from other Units and also executives from Command. Only three years to the century celebration! A special naming of a designated area called the, "ANDY CAPP ROOM" to honour Comrade Ron Robinson will bring back memories of the good old days at Fraser & 43rd! We pledge to continue to serve our members and to grow into a viable operation that allows us to be of service to those in need. 14 SHOULDER TO SHOULDER THE UNTOLD STORIES OF THE BRAVE YOUNG MEN FROM PACIFIC UNIT 280 IN WW2 On Saturday, May 14, 2016 the Chinese Canadian Military Museum unveiled the exhibition "Rumble in the Jungle: The Story of Force 136". It was a long-overdue tribute to the Chinese Canadians who signed up for this dangerous and secretive mission in Southeast Asia during the Second World War. During the final years of WWII, Chinese Canadians were secretly trained in guerrilla warfare and jungle survival tactics. Their mission? To get dropped behind Japanese lines and assist with sabotage and intelligence gathering. A record crowd attended the opening. And the Museum was fortunate that some members of this elite group were still alive, and nine of them managed to make it to the opening: Neill Chan, Chong Joe, Charlie Lee, Ronald Lee, Gordon Quan, Gordon Wong, Hank Wong, Tommy CG Wong and Victor E. Wong. Learn more about the story Force 136 from this article published on War History Online.

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