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September 2016

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Dominion President's MESSAGE I am very humbled and very honoured to be elected your President of The Army, Navy and Air Force Veterans in Canada, this great Association for the next two years. I have been a member since 1973, I was Commanding Officer of 180 Royal Army Cadet Corps, in Edmonton, Alberta and Sir Winston Churchill Unit #3 was the Sponsor of the Cadet Corps. I joined Unit #3 and became Chaplain to the Unit. I served on the Board of Trustees, and every Remembrance Day I was responsible for Service at the Club and at the Cenotaph. Early in my life I was a member of 1135 Air Training Corps in Belfast, Northern Ireland, where I attained the rank sergeant. I then joined the Royal Ulster Constabulary at age 19, attained the rank Detective (sergeant). On Boxing Day, 1956 I left for Canada. I joined the Edmonton City Police Department on 3rd January 1957. I resigned in 1964 to enter The Anglican Church of Canada; I was Ordained Deacon in June 1965 and as a Priest December 1965. I was made Canon (honorary title) in 1982. In 2002 I served as the Alberta Provincial President, when Unit #3 hosted the Dominion Convention and was elected to the Dominion executive in 2006. I have been always interested in things Military and especially Veterans. There have been many more Veterans since World War II who have donned the uniform of this great country to protect us; we should do all that we can to make them members of our great Association. If every member would recruit just one member we would double our numbers and strengthen our voice to government. I have an excellent team of Vice Presidents, Secretary/Treasurer Deanna Fimrite, Past Presidents, Brian Phoenix and George Beaulieu, they will keep me on right path. In closing I wish you all the best of good health, thank you for your trust in me to be your President. God Bless you all. Rev'd Canon Thomas McKnight, Dominion President SHOULDER TO SHOULDER 5 FROM THE EDITOR'S DESK By Derek Walter, Editor Shoulder to Shoulder welcomes the submission of articles, book reviews and letters to the editor. The submissions may cover all aspects of the Canadian Forces, The Merchant Navy and the RCMP including historical pieces, matters related to training, leadership courses and issues before retired members of the Canadian Forces and Mounties. We encourage stories of interest by all members of those groups noted in the previous sentence. Letters to the Editor - 50 - 250 words - a commentary on any previous article in Shoulder to Shoulder Articles - 1500 - 5000 words - written in a clear and grammatically correct style Book Reviews - 500 - 100 words - must include full title including any subtitle, complete name (s) of the authors, the book publisher and date of publication and copy price if available. Author Guidelines • Author should include a brief biographical sketch including current position, telephone number and email address. • All text must be in a digital format compatible with Microsoft Word or rich text format. Do not use any password protection. Email all submissions to • Photos must be sent in a separate file in a .jpeg or .tiff format with a resolution not less than 300dpi and in a file less than 5MByte. • Copyright rules must apply to all submitted material; show permissions if specific material is used in an article. • Please use military acronyms sparingly as they change over the years and our readership covers many years. Call for Submissions We produce three print editions, Winter, Spring, Summer and one large web based version in the Fall. Deadlines are as follows: Dec. 10, 2016 for winter 2017; April 1, 2017 for Spring 2017; Aug. 1 2017 for Summer 2017. The web version is a combination of articles from the three printed versions. Occasionally these deadlines will change because of a conference or a special meeting. For further information please contact: Derek Walter, Editor (Shoulder to Shoulder) email: telephone: 613-532-0065

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