ANAVETS Shoulder to Shoulder

September 2016

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6 SHOULDER TO SHOULDER MESSAGES FROM THE ANAVETS' DOMINION Vice-Presidents FINANCIAL COMMITTEE REPORT Another Biennial Convention has come and past. What a great time it was seeing and spending time with old friends and the chance to make new friends. I was elected to another two year term as Vice President and am happy to be able to work for you again. I would like to congratulate Tom McKnight being elected as President and all those elected as Vice Presidents. President Tom McKnight has asked me to stay on as Financial Chair for the ensuing term. I will try to fulfill my duties to the best of my abilities and offer my services wherever Tom may direct me. I would like to thank our office Deanna and Julie for all their help and guidance over the past two years. I will miss Julie Laundry as she leaves us to join her husband now stationed in Halifax she was invaluable in her assistance to me. I would also like thank Past President Brian Phoenix for all his valuable help for the past two years and letting me bend his ear when I needed direction in my position as financial chair. Shoulder to Shoulder, Paul Hooper Dominion Vice President Chair, Dominion Financial Committee ADVOCACY COMMITTEE REPORT Comrades, First off, I'd like to say that it was great to see everyone this past August at our 53rd Biennial Dominion Convention in Winnipeg. Big congratulation to Manitoba / Northwest Ontario Command and their committee for all their hard work and dedication to the overwhelming success of this convention. It was great renewing old friendships and making new ones. This type of camaraderie is what it takes to ensure our future as an association. Our advocacy committee was successful in passing all resolutions on the floor of the business session. I thank my committee for their unending commitment to our veterans and their families. Our new Dominion President, Rev. Canon Tom McKnight has requested I retain the portfolio of Advocacy Chairman for the next two years. I can promise that my committee and I will do our very best to successfully advocate for our veterans during our term in office. We will be focusing many hours on the subject of PTSD and other Operational Stress Injuries due to the seriousness of this illness and the negative stigma associated with it over the past decades. Society must realize that OSI's are legitimate illnesses and have silently taken away too many lives to be ignored. The days of our soldiers being labelled as "shell shocked", "insane", "unstable"' not all there", etc. are over!!!! PTSD is a severe injury that has occurred as a direct or indirect result of service to our country. As a nation, we must recognize PTSD in the same manner as we recognize missing limbs, scars, wounds etc. Not all injuries are visible and PTSD is a wound that runs deeper than the human body is capable of concealing. Our committee along with the Veterans Ombudsman, Guy Parent, and our relationship with VAC and the current Minister of Veterans Affairs, Kent Hehr, will continue to fight and inform our membership of all issues pertaining to the rights and benefits available to our nation's heroes. Yours in comradeship, Jerome Burke, ANAVETS Dominion Command Vice President

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