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Forget-me-not 89 CROSS-BORDER WARRIORS By Terence Cottrell BA(Hons), MA, JD. W e've been called "the best of enemies" and we have often been allies. During the American War of Independence it sometimes wasn't clear who was British and who American. But there's little doubt that for various reasons, whether family ties or simply on the basis of being kindred spirits, Canadians have often served in American military and naval units and vice versa. Many Canadians have been awarded the United States Congressional Medal of honour and lesser decorations and many Americans have received Victoria Crosses and lesser decorations. One Canadian unit, 2 PPCLI, holds the U.S. presidential unit Citation. Thus we have more often admired each other's fighting men than despised them. Recently, National War Museum historian Fred Gaffen has given us this essential book on a subject of intense interest on both sides of the border. Cross-border Warriors, in fact reveals not a few nuggets of surprise that will ring a bell with many readers. Take for instance the following items: "Sarah Emma Evelyn Edmonds served in the Civil War mainly as a 'male' nurse with the Union forces. She was born in December 1841 in Maguadavic, New Brunswick… When the Civil War broke out Emma, then 20, enlisted as Franklin Thompson on 25 May 1861. She served for three years as a member of Company F, 2nd Regiment, Michigan Infantry… She was a field nurse. Emma also served as a spy." … (5) Raymond Chandler "Raymond Thornton Chandler was born in Chicago on 23 July 1888. He is the author who created the well-known fictional character Philip Marlowe, a private detective. Chandler was a resident of Los Angeles when the First World War began. He enlisted in the Canadian Expeditionary Force in Victoria, British Columbia."…(19) Robert Gladnick "I do not consider myself the 'average' American volunteer in the Canadian Army in World War II. You see I was a veteran of the Spanish Civil War. I was one of the first American volunteers for that conflict. I sailed from New York on 26 December 1936. I served at the front (Jarama) as company commander and on or about 15 March 1937, for bravery in action, was transferred to the Soviet Tank Corps."…(73) Book review Remembrance Vol.4 Cross-Border Warriors by Fred gaffen, 241 pp. with illustrations, Dundern Press, Toronto 1995. Paper, $19:99, Kindle, $9:99, "Get Smart" hint: Internet, Amazon Books.

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