ANAVETS Shoulder to Shoulder

September 2012

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• BRITISH COLUMBIA • ALBERTA • SASKATCHEWAN • MANITOBA • ONTARIO • QUEBEC • NEW BRUNSWICK • NOVA SCOTIA Men's Provincial Darts 2012 – Unit 349 Dartmouth Auggie Allen, James Leger, Brian Corbin, Kenny Foster First Place Team Unit 349 in Truro N.S. vs Hubtown Dart league. Charlie Carroll, Irene Ross Women's Provincial Darts, Irene Ross, Wendy, Rosalie Smith and Chris Myatt taking first place for Unit 349 in New Waterford Joining Forces forMILITARY HEALTH A new Queen's-based research institute in partnership with RMC and involving 20 Canadian universities and other health care facilities promises to improve the health and well-being of Canada's military personnel, 700,000 veterans and members of their families. By Lindy Mechefske S overseas in Cyprus, the Golan Heights, Bosnia, and Afghanistan (three tours). Each time he left behind his wife Susan and their two children, daughter Bethany, and son Gregory, who re cently followed in his dad's footsteps when he joined the military as an officer cadet. 14 SHOULDER TO SHOULDER gt. Wayne Easterbrook, now serving at Canadian Forces Base Kingston, joined the armed forces in 1988 and has served brook has suffered both physical injury and emo tional trauma. Seven hun dred thousand Canadian military personnel have served since the Korean War (1950-53), and since 1991 the Canadian Forces (CF) has been involved in increasingly complex tasks in the Persian Gulf, Rwanda, Somalia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Haiti, and Libya. The result is that the need for Over his 23 years of military service, Easter - military and veterans health services has never been greater. does not disclose the nature or severity of injuries and wounds, media re ports indicate that during the first nine years the CF was in Afghanistan, there were 158 deaths and another 1,859 members injured or wounded. In addition, recent newspaper articles report Though the Department of National Defence

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