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6 CACP Spring 2017 T he Executive Global Studies Program 1 1 of 2016 was entitled "What Happens There Matters Here ... But How?" Key thoughts from that study included adopting a global perspective, police as community builders, digital policing, and unified training and education of members. The Global Studies Program of 2017 is entitled "Measuring and Responding to New Directions in Public Trust and Confidence." In the background of all these recommendations and subjects is technology, communication with the community, the digital society, and the disruption this brings to policing. James Slessor, Global Managing Director, Public Safety at Accenture, said this in a recent article entitled Making digital disruption benefit Public Safety 2 When we surveyed of 165 public safety technology leaders recently, we found that financial constraints, increased citizen expectations, and the need to modernise operations are their three biggest challenges—all of which can be eased by using digital technologies. This probably sounds familiar to Chiefs in Canada if we add public trust and confidence into the mix. It is a truly complex time for policing in Canada and the world. The beauty of digital data is that that it can easily be shared to our advantage. But if we don't take full advantage of sharing, we are missing out on a vital opportunity to make digital disruption work in our favour! To paraphrase the sentiment of a popular tune, when it comes to policing in a digital society, we can either be "the windshield or the bug". Superintendent Guy Slater, of the Calgary Police Service, and Superintendent Brendan Dodd, of the Windsor Police, are the co-chairs of the Information and Communication Technology Committee of the CACP, and the co-chairs of the 2017 CACP Conference in Montreal. They have worked with the Planning Committee to bring you a conference that is both relevant and meaningful to decisions that Canadian police executives must make to set a course for the future. The 2017 CACP Annual Conference theme is Policing in a Digital Society – Risks and Opportunities. In our conference sessions, we will examine a number of issues that relate to police organizations and their ability to meet the future. This will be accomplished by presenting measures that are in place and working today, not just "someday" presentations. We have arranged for international speakers from the private sector, from policing and from academia to bring their experience to bear on the complex environment that police organizations are facing. 2017 CACP Annual Conference Policing in a Digital Society – Risks and Opportunities By: Eldon Amoroso, O.O.M Eldon Amoroso, O.O.M., With thanks to Brendan Dodd and Supt. Guy Slater, Calgary Police Service. 1 CACP Global Studies. 2

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