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March 2017

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SHOULDER TO SHOULDER 11 This year in particular we have a focus on French-language programs and are currently training 5 bilingual psychologists across Canada. We are aiming to deliver our first ever program in French by December 2017. Although we were accepted as a service-provider by Veterans Affairs Canada in 2012, still almost 2/3rds of the Veterans who ask for our programs are not covered by government funding. A part of our commitment to keeping the program accessible to all Veterans, we must constantly raise funds from the Canadian public so that we can provide our services to those Veterans who are not covered by the government and are at risk of falling through the cracks. Testimonials "This I can say, without a doubt, has moved me beyond comprehension. I have a better understanding of myself, and others around me. This has made me a better person, father, husband, and veteran." - M.Cpl (Ret'd) Jeff Ashikawa "The boundaries and safeguards on the program allowed me to give everything: drop all barriers and just go. There's no other program like it that I know of." - W.O. (Ret'd) Brian McKenna "I think this program is powerful enough to save lives and make those lives worth living. It took away the pain that I was fighting all the time." - Insp. Tony Zanatta Dr. Michael Dadson holds a Ph.D. in psychology, and is a clinical counsellor with the BCACC as well as an ordained chaplain for the CRCNA. Michael has worked extensively with individuals, couples, families, and groups for over 25 years. He is the Clinical Director of Brookswood Counselling Services and an Adjunct Professor at the University of British Columbia's Centre for Group Counselling and Trauma. Mike has worked as a Clinical Director and Clinical Supervisor for over 17 years and therapeutically with conditions such as PTSD, developmental trauma, depression, anxiety and addictions. He is currently the Executive & Clinical Director of the Veterans Transition Network. New Site – New Connection Making it Easier for CAF Personnel and Families to Stay Connected and Informed C is a new website that brings the contents of the FamilyForce and CF Community Gateway websites under one URL, connecting CAF members and families to their local Military Family Resource Centres (MFRCs) and PSP organizations through one single site. It improves and modernizes the way military members and their families' access information and resources about their local Canadian Armed Forces morale and welfare services. "CAFconnection was developed with continuous extensive input from a working group, including former CAF members and military spouses, MFS and PSP staff and content administrators," said Commodore Sean Cantelon, Director General Morale & Welfare Services. Information from PSP and MFS/MFRCs is combined and complementary. "There are currently more than 200 local PSP and MFS/MFRC content administrators and editors who input information directly onto the site. It is an excellent example of good collaboration and teamwork that will ultimately benefit our serving members and their families." Without having to know who provides which services and where to find the information, families who used to go to CF Community Gateway to access local recreation schedules, mess hours and registra- tion for programs, and then had to go to FamilyForce to find their local MFRC programming, can now go to a single destination. The site is aesthetically pleasing to navigate, full of images of Canadian Armed Forces members and their families, with lots of room to highlight news and events. It uses a platform that lends itself to mobile technology, allowing for additional development of the site with new functionality and options. The site automatically adjusts to whatever size screen you are looking at, including smart phones, tablets, laptops and PCs. Web content is organized in two ways – by large audience groups (i.e. For Military Personnel, For Veterans & Families, For Parents & Caregivers, For Families of the Fallen) and by programming areas (i.e. Deployment, Child Care, Health Care, Housing, Recreation). In some cases, people know specifically what they are looking for so they may navigate by program area and in other cases, users want to know the suite of services and programs available to them so they might self-identify as part of a group and search for information that way. is now live and constantly evolving as more useful and relevant content is regularly uploaded on the site for users. MFS and PSP look forward to hearing what users have to say and making the site the very best to benefit military personnel and their families. To provide your thoughts on the new site, drop us a line at (Reprinted with permission from originating source)

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