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March 2017

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6 SHOULDER TO SHOULDER MESSAGES FROM THE ANAVETS' DOMINION Vice-Presidents FINANCIAL COMMITTEE REPORT Comrades a lot has happened in the past few months since I last reported. I have been kept busy with my duties reconciling our monthly banking and financial transactions. Reviewing our third quarter income statement as compared to our 2016 budget it shows we are close to our target. The main reason we are off is the fall in membership as compared to last year at this time. The need for continued membership growth at the Unit, Provincial and Dominion level is well documented. The need to be always looking for ways to attract new members is just as important now as it has been in the past. In September, I was asked by our President Tom McKnight along with Deanna Fimrite to conduct interviews for the position of office assistant to replace Julie Landry who has followed her husband to his posting in Halifax. We had five applications for the position but by the time it came to do the interviews two had withdrawn their applications due to work already found. We interviewed the three remaining applicants and were hard pressed to pick one as they all had great resumes and presented themselves well in the interview. Deanna and I after much deliberation chose Laila Saikaley to be our new office assistant. I would like to welcome her and to let you know after a short time she is up to speed in most of the office procedures. At this same time, I was, with Deanna able to go through all the Unit financial reports that had been submitted up to this time. There are several Units who have yet to submit their Financial statements, at this time, to Dominion Command and I would like to remind all Units their 2015 statements were due by the end of June this calendar year. In October, I was asked by our President to represent ANAVETS at the Veterans Affairs Stakeholders meeting held in Gatineau. I was joined by Deanna Fimrite and Gerry Wharton both who have positions on two of the Ministerial Advisory groups presenting at the meeting. The Honorable Kent Hehr, Minister of Veterans Affairs was there and remained through both days giving an opening speech and answering questions through the whole of the meeting. The meeting was both informative and frustrating, great strides have been made to answer some of our appeals to Veterans Affairs but in most cases not enough has been acted upon. I would suggest you go to the following website and read the presentations of each Advisory committee they did a great job in a short time let's hope the VAC implements all of them though we know that would be just a pipe dream; I continue to volunteer at Parkwood Hospital Western Counties Veterans wing calling bingos, working BBQs and entertaining along with being ANAVETS Ontario Provincial Commands liaison representative. In November, I marched in the Remembrance Day Parade and laid a wreath at the Cenotaph and helped to conduct elections at units in London. I hope that you all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year along and I wish you all good health in the coming year. Shoulder to Shoulder, Paul Hooper Dominion Vice President Chair, Dominion Financial Committee ADVOCACY COMMITTEE REPORT Comrades all, This past November, I had the pleasure of attending the Canadian Institute for Military and Veterans Health Research Forum in beautiful Vancouver along with Dominion Secretary Deanna Fimrite. CIMVHR is an amalgamation of the very best medical, academic military and research minds in the world all working together to get their research into the hands of practitioners and policy makers for the benefit of our military, our veterans and their families. There were 180 research projects presented at this year's forum. Deanna and I attended 50 sessions over a three day period regarding the following topics; Mental health stigma training and support, Family and access to care, PTSD treatments, Transition from military to civilian life, Primary trauma care and disaster response, Deployment and PTSD, Determinants of family well-being, CAF health and exposure, First responders well-being, Mental functioning and readiness, Cannabis and MDMA treatment, Parenting and OSI, Physical disability from military service, Hearing and vision exposure, Family mental health and transition, Post-deployment and depression, Veterans healthcare in the Netherlands, Ethics and sexual misconduct, Alternative treatments and resources, Mental well-being, Mental health disorders, Gender and the military, Back and neck injuries, Epidemiology, Cognitive PTSD, Stroke and mild traumatic brain injury, Veterans homelessness and New ideas for improving care. CIMVHR also awards masters and doctoral scholarships to educate the next generation of military, veteran and family health researchers. They also publish the Journal of Military, Veteran and Family Health magazine. (JMVFH) Please feel free to visit the CIMVHR website at for more information. It is of the utmost importance to get this evidence based research out and remove the negative stigma associated with the many medical issues that our troops, veterans and their families are dealing with on a daily basis. Yours in comradeship, Jerome Burke, ANAVETS Dominion Command Vice President

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