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M AP was developed as a tool for any youth seeking to acquire assets that are essential for their advance- ment in today's society and economy – while in the process of building personal resiliency skills. The key feature of the MAP program is that it is useful to everyone, regardless of a person's regional location, ethnic or cultural back- ground, or socio-economic status. It is a useful tool for anyone from 12 to 29 years old and there is no hidden agenda to the program other than to assist each person gain the skills and assets they need to be successful adults and avoid barriers and unnecessary roadblocks in achieving their goals. The YCC MAP Project also provides a community response toward youth risk reduction with an asset development strategy using assessment case support tools, and a youth's personal capacity- building support kit. My Action Plan (MAP) is especially designed to work out youth centres, as research shows community- based youth centres to be the first-choice for youth seeking information and support. MAP is also very interesting, rewarding, exceptionally self-satisfying and often fun, for the participant (youth). There is an 'app' that is linked to the participant through Facebook. Free and easy to download, it kicks off the program "journey". The youth centre has the resources to help the person gain the assets and tools needed to complete the journey, but it is up to the youth to take the necessary steps towards each sector's goals. There are virtual assets and goals, and there are real world materials. There are fun, hands on assets like the journey MAP and MAP kit full of useful items. There are also the very practical and sometimes life-saving goals and certifications, such as First Aid/CPR, Water Saftey and Rescue, WHIMIS, etc. YCC is committed to on-going support for all sites that are members of YCC: Youth Centres Canada. Communication and support will continue for the members to maintain the MAP program and tools via our conference calls, email support and Recordings assessments. Encourage your youth centre to get involved in the YCC MAP Program. Long Term Benefits of the MAP Project The YCC MAP Program will have long- term impacts, with many sustainable contributions for each site community and region involved. 1. Most importantly, the youth participants all gain the tools, certifications, documents and general assets which will be a solid foundation for their successful transition to adult citizens 2. Each youth centre involved receives manuals and support in the Train-the-Trainer approach. Therefore, the community gains from the initial set-up of the program with trained staff remaining in the community and continuing the program. 3. Each site of the project commits to a knowledge sharing support for other regional youth centres, thereby spreading the project's use and outcomes within the region. The youth centres become the "hub" for youth service providers to link with community youth. 4. The MAP program links many services and supports within the community. The links established during the initial set-up of the program become ongoing with a long-term outcome of improvements and shared resources. 5. The MAP tools and approach create procedural enhancements, strengthen other core programs (after school programs) and increase the participation of local youth 6. Finally, the MAP project is the first proposed program specifically designed for youth centres with a clear strategy toward preventing and reducing youth homelessness, youth crime, youth unemployment, and early school leaving. MAP addresses many of the issues and identified barriers and proposes and systematic approach to support youth needs. AN ACTION PLAN FOR TRANSITIONING FROM A YOUTH TO A SUCCESSFUL ADULT 15

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