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The Youth Centres Canada Challenge Program is an activity based, easily integrated youth engagement program for youth centres, youth groups, and youth initiatives. The Challenge Program teaches problem solving and decision making skills while having fun. Cognitive skills and personal skills are developed as youth participate in these experiential Challenges that promote creative thinking, collaboration, a sense of inclusion, teamwork, empathy, the ability to take calculated risks and make informed decisions. TRY IT OUT! MATERIALS/EQUIPMENT: A very long string/rope; two poles or anchors or a double sized doorway. SKILLS DEVELOPED: Team building, judgement, competition, mutual support. SET UP: Have the group or some volunteers set up a 'spider web' with the rope. Create large and small spaces in your web. THE PROCESS: • Each individual on the team must get through the web, one by one, without touching the web. • Form two teams. • You must have a judge to ensure that each team doesn't touch the web as they go through. • Once the opening has had someone pass through, that opening is no longer available to the tam. • Continue until everyone has successfully passed through the web, stopping occasionally for the teams to strategize. STRATEGIZE: • The same spot cannot be used twice. • This requires teamwork and strategy. Encourage players to plan their strategy based on size, dexterity, flexibility, agility of each player. DEBRIEF: • What strategies worked? • Did you learn something from watching others? • Did your team help each other? • How did it feel to be judged and told you must start again? • Did you feel pressured to not let your team down? • How did it feel to give and get full support of your team during the challenge? VARIATIONS: • Each player gets one turn and at the end of the session, the team with the most players through the other side wins. • Players rotate turns and if one doesn't get through the first time they try again until all players have gotten through successfully. 22

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