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23 Youth are more likely to be the perpetrators of violent crime then the victim. ???: Youth aged 15-24 are more likely to be the victims of violent crimes, of which males are at highest risk. More than half of violent crime (56%) is committed against individuals aged 18 and under. A criminal record isn't a big deal. ???: Having a criminal record can limit job opportunities, and makes traveling out of country a hassle or even impossible. The Elderly are at highest risk of crimes by youth. ???: Youth are more likely to commit violent acts or homicide against their own peers, rather than the elderly. Curfews are an effective way to minimize crime. ???: Most crime occurs between 2pm and 6pm, so curfews are ineffective. Instead, social programs such as after-school programs are more successful. It is cheaper to lock youth in jail than to rehabilitate them into the community. ???: It is much less expensive to integrate youth into the community than it is to house them in jail, which costs approximately $100 000 per year per youth. Being part of a gang will protect me. ???: Being part of a gang will actually increase your risk of being a victim of crime, and places a target on you. Once I am involved in a gang, I cannot leave even if I want to. ???: There are many support programs and resources available to youth wishing for help in removing themselves from gang activity. Being involved in crime doesn't have to affect anyone but me. ???: Being involved in crime puts your friends and family at risk of being victims of crime, financial loss due to dealing with conviction and court costs, and even jail time themselves. Courts go easy on young offenders. ???: Youth courts actually have higher conviction rates than adult crime courts. Many young offenders receive the most serious dispositions despite the fact that their crime may be non-violent. The national youth conviction rate is 67%, but can be as high as 87% in some provinces. http://www.stthomasu.ca/re- search/youth/myths.htm http://www.domesticviolenceinfo.ca /upload/documents/2007- youthcrime.pdf http://www.creightonyouth.com/de- fault.asp?pgid=30 http://news.everest.ca/post/2010/1 0/youth-crime-in- canada/#.UwY51PRDuSo http://mediasmarts.ca/sites/de- fault/files/pdfs/lesson-plan/Les- son_Perceptions_Youth_Crime.pdf http://www.met.police.uk/heart_pro gramme/documents/fact_not_fic- tion.pdf True orFalse D e b u n k i n g t h e M y t h s : Y o u t h C r i m e

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