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25 Name of Nominee: CARLEY SCHARF Osgoode, ON Carley has literally done it all at O-YA. Carley started years ago, when she was in high school, as a participant in a Leadership Camp at O-YA. Carley's bright spirit, fantastic work ethic and outgoing personality were what encouraged O-YA staff to recruit her as a program volunteer. It wasn't long before it was clear that Carley could take on more of a leadership role at O-YA, and she was hired on as part-time Youth Worker. Participants, staff, Board members and fellow Youth Workers are always impressed with Carley. Her genuine enthusiasm about O-YA is infectious. You can't help be excited about our programs and services when Carley is telling you about them! In 2013, O-YA received a grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation to hire an Outreach and Event Coordinator. Carley was the perfect choice for this position. Since taking this role just two years ago, interest, engagement and participation at O-YA has skyrocketed. Kids who used to attend O-YA just occasionally are now regular fixtures here, and we see new faces who have never visited O-YA before almost every week. I would credit Carley with this change. Carley has created or helped to plan programs like Cooking 101, World Village, Summer Camps, Chill Night and Leadership Camp that have been extremely successful. And, when kids are here for those programs - Carley is talking to them about coming back for more. And, they do! One particularly impressive achievement that Carley made both for O-YA and our wider community happened in the summer of 2014. Osgoode Ward was in the middle of a wild municipal election. Our Ward Councillor was retiring after many years, and the field of people running for the Council seat was huge (11 candidates!). Carley realized that, as she was just starting to be interested in politics as a University student, she didn't have enough knowledge of the campaign to make an informed decision. She estimated that others would be in the same boat. Instead of lamenting this fact, she did some- thing (big!) about it. Carley single-handily organized an Osgoode Ward Councillors Information Session for youth (with adults welcome as well) at O-YA in August of 2014. An impressive 10 out of 11 candidates attended. Each and every one of them were extremely impressed with Carley's profession- alism, energy and positive attitude. They were thrilled to be involved in the event, which was very successful for O-YA. This was just one moment that, as O-YA Executive Director, I was proud of Carley. There are usually several every day. Carley Scharf is most certainly a champion of the Osgoode Youth Association. Name of Nominee: HEATHER ROE Osgoode, ON O-YA's biggest fundraiser of the year (and a critical aspect of O-YA's very existence) is the 'Goode Run; a 2K Family run/walk plus 5K & 10K chip timed runs. A tremendous amount of coordination, event management and logistics go into planning the 'Goode Run every year - and 99% of that work is done by one single volunteer; Race Director Heather Roe. Heather deserves about six awards for her work on the 'Goode Run. Not only does she do many months of the work required to put on this large event, but in the last couple of years, Heather has also volunteered to host a 'Learn To Run a 5K' program for youth and adults in the 10 weeks leading up to the 'Goode Run (which had 50 participants this past year!) AND spearheaded running programs for kids in several of O-YA's local feeder schools. These are achievements that have had a lasting impact both for O-YA (raising money for our youth centre, increasing the profile of O-YA in the community and adding a much loved physical activity component to our programming) and the Osgoode Ward community. 2015 was the 5th year of the 'Goode Run, hosting an astonishing 567 participants (particularly amazing when you think that last year had just over 100). Last year, Heather championed moving the 'Goode Run from Osgoode's Multi-Use pathway to the streets of Osgoode. This change met with rave reviews, and really helped to make the local community more aware of the run and our youth centre. Several houses even set up cheering sections in their driveways to encourage runners as they passed by. Heather is a tireless volunteer, and one of the most conscientious and civic minded people I know. Heather Roe is most certainly a champion of the Osgoode Youth Association. Name of Nominee: CORY NICOTINE Toronto, ON Cory Nicotine came to iHuman looking to pursue media- and found that and so much more. Enrolled in the Uncensored theatre program inspired by the work of Paolo Freire, he was able to learn the skills to educate service providers on better ways to manage situations that they may encounter with youth that exhibit high risk behaviours. Cory

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