ANAVETS Shoulder to Shoulder

July 2017

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Dominion President's MESSAGE I t is with great honour that I take over as the Acting Dominion President from Rev. Canon Thomas McKnight who needed to relinquish his position for health reasons. I thank Father Tom for all the work he did to further the Aims and Objects of our organization during his tenure. As Acting Dominion President, I promise to continue in his footsteps to keep our organization moving towards the future in supporting our men and women of the Canadian Armed Forces and ensuring that the best programs and services are available to them when they complete their service to our great country. I have already represented the Association at the American Legion Washington Conference this past March and will again be attending their National Convention in August to induct more members into our United States Unit. I will continue to utilize the expertise of my Dominion officer team to help in many regards. Comrade Jean Nordin of Grande Prairie who was elected at the 2016 Convention will take over as Chairwoman of the Publicity & Public Relations Committee. We are also happy to welcome Dominion Past President, Ken Henderson back to the team, who is once again representing Quebec as a Dominion officer. He will now chair the Awards and Rituals Committee. Finally, we are happy to have Al Dunham, CD of Manitoba & NW Ontario Command join the Do- minion Executive as Chair of the Credentials Committee and Co-Chair of the Constitution Committee. I am pleased to say that we had two members of ANAVETS represent us at the 100th Anniversary of Vimy in France. Our Honorary Dominion President, Gerry Wharton attended on behalf of Dominion President, Rev. Canon Thomas McKnight and Woodstock Unit 95 member and WWII Veteran, Bob Martin attended on behalf of the Association. Comrade Martin's father served at Vimy in WWI and received the MM for his actions there. President McKnight represented us alongside his wife Ivy and our Dominion Secretary-Treasurer at the Ottawa ceremony. During this epic year where we are commemorating so many historic milestones, may we always remember those who have gone before us; those who have protected us and those to whom we will pass the torch when we are gone. Ronald G. Smith, Acting Dominion President SHOULDER TO SHOULDER 5 LET US SHOW THEM WE CARE - ATTEND THE INVICTUS GAMES Supporting wounded men and women in the armed forces was recognized by Prince Harry shortly after he stepped down from active service in Afghanistan. He initiated the international sports activity named the Invictus Games which was first held in London three years ago. It proved to be a success for all involved and the following year (2016) it was held in Florida with many more participants and sports activities. This year it is being held in Toronto from September 23 through to September 30. Invictus, means "unconquerable" or "undefeated" in Latin, and was the title of a poem by William Ernest Henley. The poem was written while Henley was in the hospital being treated for tuberculosis of the bone. This poem is about courage in the face of death, and holding on to one's own dignity despite the indignities life places before us. This is a very special event, in that, it gives the general public and the families of those wounded physically or mentally an opportunity to show their thanks for the services offered by our armed forces. These young men and women were not forced to join the military they did so voluntarily. They trained hard and long to become effective soldiers and air and navy personnel. Once the training was complete they were sent off to foreign lands to support our allies in defeating enemies on land, sea and air. Many were severely injured by the effects of battlefield combat or active duty incidents. They lost limbs, sustained serious injuries and many suffered from the effects of "post traumatic stress" after witnessing the horrors of war. Once out of the war zone they were seen by hard working medical teams and mental health specialists who were able to save their lives and offer support for their mental anxieties. These injured men and women are brave people who put their life on the line for us so we might continue to enjoy our freedom and lifestyle. I plan to attend the games along with a retired military associate and will compile a journal for the next issue of "Shoulder to Shoulder". See you there! FROM THE EDITOR'S DESK By Derek Walter, Editor

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