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November 2017

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SHOULDER TO SHOULDER 21 I n an appalling event eerily similar to the barbaric motor- car–murder of RCAF Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent, CD on 20 Oct 14 in St.-Jean-de-Richelieu, Quebec, on Sunday 11 Jan 15 CWO Ernest Joseph "Ernie" Hall, MMM, MSC, CD (ret) was one of three persons struck down in Pembroke, Ont., by a car driven by a 38-year-old man later charged with Dangerous Driving Causing Death. Rushed to hospital in Ottawa, Ernie succumbed to his injuries the next day. Ernie Hall enrolled in the Regular Force on 14 August 1975, serving initially with 3rd Battalion The Royal Canadian Regiment (3 RCR) at Petawawa, Ontario. Following a peacekeep- ing tour with 3 RCR in Cyprus in 1977, he was posted to 2 Commando, Canadian Airborne Regiment at Petawawa, also in 1977. Chief Warrant Officer Hall would serve in the Airborne Regiment until 1986, including time as a Pathfinder Recce Det 2IC and as a Section Commander with 3 Commando. He completed another tour in Cyprus in 1981, was promoted to Master Corporal in 1982 and to the rank of Sergeant in 1986. Ernie Hall served with The RCR Battle School at Petawawa from 1986-87 and was then posted to 3 RCR at Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1987. In 1988 he was posted to Baden Soellingen, Germany with Mortar Platoon, 3 RCR as a Mortar Fire Controller (MFC). Chief Warrant Hall remained in Germany with 3 RCR until 1993. During this period he served in the Gulf, during the Gulf War in 1990, with M Company, 3 RCR; and deployed to Croatia in 1991 as a Platoon Warrant Officer in November Company, 3 RCR, part of the Royal 22ieme Regiment Battle Group. Ernie Hall was promoted to the rank of Warrant Officer following his return from the Gulf in 1990. Posted to 2 RCR in 1993 he was subsequently employed as Intelligence Warrant Officer; Mortar Platoon Warrant Officer; Rifle Company CQMS; CQMS Admin Company; and Operations Warrant Officer. Chief Warrant Officer Hall completed a tour in Bosnia with 2 RCR in 1999. Promoted to Master Warrant Officer in 2001, he served as the Sergeant-Major of Hotel Company, 2 RCR, including a deployment to Eritrea as part of Task Force East Africa. Following the tour in Eritrea, Chief Warrant Officer Hall was posted to NDHQ Ottawa as The RCR Career Manager. After promotion to Chief Warrant Officer in 2005 he subsequently became the Infantry Corps Career Manager. Chief Warrant Officer Hall was appointed Regimental Sergeant-Major of 3 RCR on 16 December 2006. His tenure of appointment would last until 16 June 2009. During this time he was also RSM of the 3 RCR Battle Group (Task Force 3-08) in Kandahar Province, Afghanistan from September 2008 – April 2009. In June 2009 Chief Warrant Officer Hall returned to NDHQ Ottawa as the Army Chief Warrant Officer Career Manager. In January 2011 he was appointed the Regimental Sergeant-Major of 42 Field Regiment (Lanark and Renfrew Scottish Regiment), Royal Canadian Artillery, at Pembroke, Ontario. Ernie Hall retired in 2014 at the conclusion of a career that spanned more than 38 years and that was typified by loyal, devoted and outstanding service. He was invested as a Member of the Order of Military Merit in 2005 and was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal in June 2010. Although this tragic incident happened a while ago and was printed in "Remembrance" , as editor it was felt that appearing in "Shoulder to Shoulder" would remind all of us the daily risk seen by all our service personnel. This tragedy occurred on our Canadian soil not in some remote far off battle zone. Acts of terrorism happen here and those military personnel are and always will be our heroes. (Editor) Information supplied by Captain Ross Appleton Regimental Adjutant The Royal Canadian Regiment FALLEN COMRADE By Terence Cottrell BA(Hons), MA, JD.

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