ANAVETS Shoulder to Shoulder

November 2017

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Incorporated in 1917 and Extended by Acts of the Parliament of Canada APPLICATION FOR: ACTIVE ______ or ASSOCIATE ______ MEMBERSHIP DOMINION HEADQUARTERS 6 Beechwood Avenue, Suite 2 OTTAWA, ONTARIO K1L 8B4 Army, Navy and Air Force Veterans in Canada APPLICATION FOR MEMBERSHIP "Shoulder to Shoulder" Service Since 1840 Unit _______________________________________ Unit No. __________ Date _____________ To the Army, Navy and Air Force Veterans in Canada, I hereby make application for membership, and agree if elected, to abide by its Constitution, Rules and By-laws and to the best of my ability will assist in the aims and objects of the Association, namely: (1) care of the disabled veterans; (2) benefits and care of all veterans; (3) to look after the interests of widows and orphans of all veterans; (4) to endeavour to obtain a full measure of re-establishment for all ex-service personnel consistent with the resources of Canada; (5) to assist in making this Canada of ours a better country, especially through the medium of educating the younger generation of Canadians to be good citizens and fit to govern the destinies of this great Dominion in years to come; and I further promise that I will maintain true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II her heirs and successors. CERTIFICATE OF EXAMINING COMMITTEE We the undersigned, having duly examined this application as well as the discharge certificate or other supporting documents declare that the information contained therein qualify the applicant for Membership in the Association. Chairman________________________ Member________________________ Member________________________ Date Examined: DD / MM / YYYY Date Approved: DD / MM / YYYY Date Initiated: DD / MM / YYYY I solemnly declare that the following particulars are true - (PLEASE PRINT) Rank and/or Full Name:________________________________________________ Occupation:______________________ DOB: DD / MM / YYYY Tel. No.:______________________ Email: ________________________________________ Address: __________________________________________________________________________________________ City:__________________________________ Province: ____________________ Postal Code: ______________ Emergency Contact:_____________________________________________ Contact Tel. No.:_____________________ For Active Members Date of Enlistment: DD / MM / YYYY Date of Release: DD / MM / YYYY Service #_______________________________ Regiment, Ship, Wing or Unit ____________________________ Countries (Where Served) __________________________ Medals/Decorations___________________________________ _____________________________________________ Have you ever been suspended/expelled from any Veterans Association? __________ If yes, give details on back of this page. I make this solemn declaration conscientiously believing it to be true. Signature of Applicant X_________________________________ Proposer _______________________________________ Seconder ___________________________________

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