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Spring 2018

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ACTIVE MEMBERS Mr. Gerry Annetts, Edmonton Police Service Chief Superintendent David Attfield, RCMP Superintendent Scott Baptist, Toronto Police Service Inspector Leah Barber, Calgary Police Service Ms. Jo Baumgartner, Executive Director, Regina Police Service Superintendent Richard Baylin, RCMP Chief Superintendent Paul Beauchesne, RCMP Inspector Steve Burke, RCMP Inspector Keith Cain, Calgary Police Service Chief Mark Campbell, Strathroy-Caradoc Police Service Staff Superintendent Randy Carter, Toronto Police Service Chief Superintendent Claude Castonguay, RCMP Chief Julia Cecchetto, Kentville Police Service Inspector Jonathan Coughlan, Edmonton Police Service Superintendent Paulo Da Silva, York Regional Police Inspector David Dalal, Winnipeg Police Service Ms. Rebecca Davidson, Calgary Police Service Inspector Jennifer Davis, Waterloo Regional Police Service Commandant Martin Desbiens-Côté, Service de la Ville de Montréal Chief Shawn Dulude, Akwesasne Mohawk Police Service Chief Superintendent Jennifer Ebert, RCMP Director Donald Elliott, Technological Services, Saskatoon Police Service Senior Director Nancy Eng, Vancouver Police Department Deputy Chief Brett Flynn, Niagara Regional Police Service Lieutenant Marc Foster, Sûreté du Québec Deputy Chief Constable Paulette Freill, Abbotsford Police Department Inspector Tammy Fryer, Windsor Police Service Deputy Chief Leah Gilfoy, Orangeville Police Service Superintendent Daryl Goetz, Waterloo Regional Police Service Superintendent Gary Graham, RCMP Commandant Danik Guerrero, Service de police de la Ville de Montréal Inspector Lorilee Davies, Regina Police Service Superintendent Scot Halley, Winnipeg Police Service Chief Norm Hansen, Sarnia Police Service Inspector Robert Harding, Winnipeg Police Service Associate Chief Rick Head, Dakota Ojibway Police Service Inspector Gregory Hebert, Brandon Police Service Chief Christopher Herridge, St. Thomas Police Service Superintendent Shirley Hilton, Waterloo Regional Police Service Chief Zvonko Horvat, Aylmer Police Service Deputy Chief Ryan Hunt, Winkler Police Service Superintendent Alison Jevons, Ontario Provincial Police Inspector Ed Kodis, Ontario Provincial Police Deputy Chief Paul Landers, Strathroy-Caradoc Police Service Inspector Terry Larson, Calgary Police Service Deputy Chief Owen Lockhart, Sarnia Police Service Mr. Randy Mar, Chief Strategic Planning Officer, Ottawa Police Service Chief Constable Sandra Martin, RM of Springfield Police Service Assistant Commissioner Dwayne McDonald, RCMP Deputy Chief Barbara McLean, Toronto Police Service Chief Mark McMullen, Niagara Parks Police Director Jack Morgan, London Police Service Inspector Mark Morphet, Ontario Provincial Police Ms. Stephanie Morson, Calgary Police Service Deputy Chief Mark Noonan, Brockville Police Service Inspector Michael Pelechaty, Brandon Police Service Deputy Chief Marc Roskamp, St. Thomas Police Service Inspector Bruno Rossi, Dakota Ojibway Police Service Senior Director Jason Rude, Vancouver Police Department Chief Superintendent Jerry Scott, RCMP Ms. Jocelyne Smallian-Khan, RCMP Inspector Bill Spearn, Vancouver Police Department Deputy Chief Rodney Stafford, Weyburn Police Service Chief Superintendent George Stephenson, RCMP Superintendent Grant St. Germaine, RCMP Inspector Michael Stoddart, Ontario Provincial Police Acting Deputy Chief Sam Theocharis, Stratford Police Service ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Mr. Rob Cameron, Executive Director, Ministry of Justice Dr. Nicholas Carleton, Professor, University of Regina Ms. Mélisa Djebbari, Manager, Onx Enterprise Solutions Dr. Ronald Frey, Consulting Psychologist, Frey & Associates Mr. Pierre Giguère, Director, Security Services, RHEA Inc. Ms. Anita Gill, Chief Security Officer, Vancouver Fraser Port Authority Dr. Jeffrey Karp, Psychologist, Private Practice Mr. Steven Martin, DHL – Global Forwarding Mr. Stephen O'Keefe, Loss Prevention Advisor, Retail Council of Canada Ms. Kristin Solvason, Aboriginal Policing Policy Division, Public Safety Canada Dr. Keira Stockdale, Psychologist, Saskatoon Police Service Mr. Chris Waugh, Halifax International Airport Authority LIFE MEMBERS Chief John Bates (Rtd), Saint John Police Force Chief Lee Boyd (Rtd), Blood Tribe Police Service Mr. Bruce Brown, London Police Service Deputy Chief Rick Derus (Rtd), Windsor Police Service Deputy Chief Michael Federico (Rtd), Toronto Police Service Superintendent Robert Gould (Rtd), Waterloo Regional Police Service Chief Ian Grant (Rtd), Brandon Police Service Deputy Commissioner Peter Henschel (Rtd), RCMP Deputy Chief Warren Lemcke (Rtd), Vancouver Police Department Chief Edgar MacLeod (Rtd), Atlantic Police Academy Chief Jeff McGuire (Rtd), Niagara Regional Police Service Superintendent Karen Noakes (Rtd), York Regional Police Chief Andre Reymer (Rtd), Aylmer Police Service Chief Daniel Rivett, Saugeen Shores Police Service Superintendent Guy Slater (Rtd), Calgary Police Service Chief Clive Weighill (Rtd), Saskatoon Police Service WELCOME TO NEW MEMBERS September 2017 – February 2018 The CACP welcomes the following new members to the Association, and congratulates those members who have achieved Life status. We look forward to working with you on issues of importance to policing and public safety in Canada. CACP 3 Spring 2018

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