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24 F reeze the Industry is an alliance of youth, young adults and adults dedicated to stopping the Tobacco Industry from developing and marketing products that are enticing to youth. They have a large network of youth activists standing up against the Tobacco Industry. For years, they have been fighting Big Tobacco to change the way they market their products in Canada. Through their extensive commitment, they have been successful in their efforts and continue to make a change. So what changes have they made? Freeze the Industry recognized that Tobacco companies disguise the harmful effects of their products by adding flavours and using attractive packing. Flavours such as cherry and menthol made products look, smell, and taste like candy; making them attractive to young people. Freeze the Industry proposed stopping the production of flavoured tobacco products that falsely appear less harmful to youth. Throughout their campaign, youth gathered together across Ontario to fight for the ban on these products. On November 25th in 2013, more than 100 youth rallied on Parliament Hill to expose the lies behind Big Tobacco's manipulative tactics. They called this the "Drop Dead Event," as they performed a demonstration where the youth all dropped to the ground, to show the impact to- bacco has on the Ontario population. Tobacco use is still the number one cause of preventable disease and death in Ontario, killing more than 13 000 Ontarians every year. Freeze the Industry wanted to make sure that the Tobacco Industry followed through with the new laws and didn't find any loopholes. In 2009, the Tobacco Act entitled "The Cracking Down on Tobacco Marketing Aimed at Youth Act" was put into effect. However, the industry found a way to work around the Act by slightly changing their flavoured cigarillos to classify as cigars. Thankfully, by 2016 there was a ban on all flavoured tobacco products; but Big Tobacco fought hard to keep their best selling flavour of menthol products. It was not until 2017 that all flavoured and menthol products were pulled from the shelves. After the long fight, Freeze the Industry had made their impact. Now it was time to focus on the packaging. Tobacco product packaging is the only advertising that Tobacco Industries have left since they can no longer advertise in the media. Freeze the Industry is calling for plain and standardized packaging, which would ban promo- tional features on ALL tobacco products. This includes colours, images, logos, slogans, special fonts, and finishes. FREEZE INDUSTRY T H E " P L A I N A N D S I M P L E A R G U M E N T "

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